• Welcome to Health 7!  I am sure that we will have a good year together.  We will be discussing all sorts of interesting topics. Believe it or not all parts of your life can be linked in someway to health.  I look forward to exploring these links with you. 


    If you want to have fun and succeed in my class here are a few suggestions/rules.


    1.      Bring the following things to class every day, your health three-ring binder, textbook, agenda, and a pen/pencil.

    2.       Be on time each day and be in your seat at the start of class.  I will take attendance at that time.  If you are not in the classroom when the class starts you will be written up for being tardy.

    3.       Get your homework to me on time and submitted electronically using MS Teams, Castle learning and email for GoVenture.

    4.       Show respect for your fellow students, teachers and yourself at all times.

    5.       Keep the room neat and orderly at all times.

    6.       Follow all district's rules and policies established by the Board of Education.  If you do not follow the rules, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

    7.       Many of our topics can be of a sensitive nature so please think before you speak and use appropriate language and terms at all times.

    8.       I want us to have a good time, but don’t forget you and I are here to learn so I want to see your best effort at all times.

    9.       No unapproved use of electronic devices will be allowed



    If you follow these suggestions/rules we will get along great.



    Grading policy:

    1.      Tests and projects = 10/10 (10 homework grades equals 1 test grade, 2 quiz grades equals 1 test grade)

    2.      Quizzes = 5/10 (5 homework grades equal one quiz grade, 2 quiz grades equals 1 test grade)

    3.      Homework = 1/10 (5 homework grades equal 1 quiz grade, 10 homework grades equals 1 test grade)



    ***If an assignment is due for a grade and it is not done by the due date (whether distance learning for the day or not), a score of “0” will be recorded for that assignment.  The only exception is a legal excuse.  The student will have FIVE school days to make-up any legally missed assignments.  After that time a score of “0” will be recorded.  If a student is caught cheating in class or turning in work that is not his/hers then all parties involved will receive a score of “0” for that assignment.




    Tests, Quizzes, Homework and projects:

    1.       Tests will be given at the end of each chapter or unit.

    2.       Quizzes will be given at any time without notice

    3.        Class projects and homework as assigned.




    Chapter 1:  Understanding Health and Wellness

    Chapter 2:  Taking Charge of Your Health

    Chapter 11:  Personal Health and Consumer Choices
    Chapter 3:  Physical Activity and Fitness

    Chapter 4:  Nutrition

    Chapter 5:  Mental and Emotional Health

    Chapter 6:  Building Healthy Relationships

    Chapter 7:  Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence

    Chapter 8: Tobacco
    Chapter 9:  Alcohol
    Chapter 10:  Drugs
    Chapter 14:  Non-Communicable diseases
    Chapter 13:  Communicable diseases 

    Chapter 12:  Growing and Changing