Degrees and Certifications:

National Honor Society

As the Advisor for National Honor Society, it is my responsibility to facilitate the application process for prospective members, as well as oversee the service activities sponsored by the inducted National Honor Society Members. 


For the 2021-2022 school year, the application process timeline will be as follows:

11/30/2021               Averages to Mrs. Finn

12/01/2021               Invitations to apply letters to office to be mailed

12/08/2021               Deadline to submit intention to apply contract

12/23/2021               Deadline for completed application

Week of January 3     Faculty Council to meet to review applications

1/07/2022                 Acceptance and Denial letters to office to be mailed

1/21/2022                Closing of Appeal period

1/24/2022                 INDUCTION CEREMONY