Español II
    This course follows Español I.  The textbook is Avancemos II, which all students should have a copy of at home.  There is a classroom set available so the students will not need to transport their book back and forth.  The grading policy is broken up into 4 skills essential to communicating effectively. Any graded tasks will fall under one of the following skill categories.
    Listening 30%
    Reading 30%
    Speaking 25%
    Writing 15% 
    Spanish I
    8th Grade
    This is a high school credit course.  Students will take Spanish for the full year.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn a credit towards graduation. 
    Successful completion is defined by:
    a.  Passing the Final Exam which is a mirrored Second Language Proficiency Exam (65% or higher)
    b.  Having an overall passing average with 4 quarters + Final Exam
    Spanish I
    High School 
    This course will be for students in grades 9-12 who need a foreign language credit. 
    7th Grade
    This course will last the full year, every day for 40 weeks.
    Avancemos I  (this book is available online to all 7th and 8th Graders.)
    students can sign in to the textbook by visiting
    and using your login that was assigned.
    2007 Online Textbook
    Please bring a 3 Ring binder