• Allegany-Limestone High School
    Dance Policies
    MHS Principal
    Dress Code:  All dresses must be "finger-tip" or lower in length. They may be strapped or strapless, but no cleavage may be shown, and they must be properly fitted.  It is the chaperones' discretion whether a dress is appropriate.  If your dress is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to change or leave the dance.
    Dance Conduct:  Grinding is not allowed.  Hands must be at or above your knees when dancing with straight legs; therefore, inappropriate bending over is not permitted.  Lifting of dresses is not allowed at any time. "Sandwich" dancing is not permitted.  All dance styles are permitted at the discretion of the chaperones.
    Dance Penalties:
             1.  If you are in violation of the Dance Policies, you will be given a warning by a chaperone. 
             2 . A second warning will result in your dismissal from the dance, with no refund.
             3.  If you ignore your dismissal from the dance, you will be banned from all future dances that school year.
    Dance Entrance:  The doors will open five minutes before the dance begins. The doors will close one hour after the dance begins; no one may enter the dance after that time, unless returning from a school-sanctioned event.
    Guests:  All paperwork for out-of-district guests must be turned-in 48 hours before the beginning of the dance. This paperwork can be found in the Middle-High School Main Office.  No one in 8th grade or under, or 21 and older will be admitted.  It is the responsibility of the ALMHS student to get the attached form to their guest's parents AND home school for signatures.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office at 375-6600, ext. 2100.  Click on the link below and print a copy of the updated Dance Permission Form.