INDEPENDENT READING & READING LISTS: Students who develop a love of reading and read for pleasure will be more successful in school. Independent reading is encouraged each day. The school supports reading incentive programs such as PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) and Pizza Hut’s Book It. Please encourage your child to read daily by setting aside 15 minutes each night to read with your child or to allow them to read independently. This is a good way to help them unwind before bed. As a school, we encourage each student to read 25 books during the school year. The 25 book list log should be kept in the back of the green Parent/Teacher folder so students can be sure to record any books they read, whether they finish them at home or in school. I encourage students to read a variety of genres (fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, fables etc.) for their book list as this helps them discover different types of literature as well as develop new interests. Students should be reading books on their level or books that interest them that you may have to read with them. Therefore all 25 books that a child reads do not have to be chapter books.



    MYSTERY READERS:  Share your love of reading with our class! Contact me about being a Mystery Reader. You choose a book you love to read and we set up a date and time to come in and share it by reading it to the class. The students truly enjoy this and it demonstrates how people of all ages like to share their love of reading. Parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc. all make great mystery readers.