• September
    The Academic Pin Ceremony –  All students who have attained honor roll or high honor roll status for all four quarters of the previous school-year are awarded an academic pin that can be displayed on  their graduation gowns.  Students who meet the above requirements are eligible for this award every year, beginning at the end of sixth grade.  (Seniors are presented with their final pins at graduation practice in order that they may wear all of their pins on their gowns.)  The academic pin ceremony is held during the school day and families of the eligible students receive invitations.

    Corporate Fundraiser – This event is held in the fall of each year.  Letters are sent to local businesses asking them to support Academic Boosters with a donation.  In return, those businesses are recognized by being listed on the programs that are distributed at the end of the year award ceremonies.

    National Honor Society Induction Reception – A chairperson from Academic Boosters helps to plan this event, working with the advisor of the ALCS National Honor Society Chapter.

    Student Honors Recognitions – After each of the first three quarters, once report cards have been issued, the Academic Boosters Club sponsors a recognition event in the cafeteria during the school day for all students who have achieved honor or high honor status, as well as those students who are recommended by teachers for special effort during the quarter.  Each student is presented with an award certificate that entitles them to partake in either doughnuts and beverages for the first two quarters, or ice cream sundaes for the third quarter recognition.  We plan these events, providing the supplies, as well as the volunteers to set up, serve, and clean up.

    Teacher/Staff/Bus Garage Personnel Appreciation Day – A generous buffet is set up in the teachers’ lounge in the morning and replenished throughout the day, available for all MS/HS and district office staff to partake.  A breakfast buffet is provided in the fall at the bus garage for their staff and drivers.

    June –
    Board Meeting –  At this final meeting reports are shared regarding the spring activities, and voting is held for next year’s officers.  (Depending on when spring break occurs, this meeting may be held in May.)

    (May be held in May or June)
    High School Awards Ceremony –  The High School office sends the invitations to eligible students.  For the event’s printed program, we provide the names of our members in each category, and our corporate sponsors.  We also provide a brief summary of what we do. At the ceremony, we announce our scholarship winners and hand each recipient a letter. (See “scholarships” below.) One of our representatives speaks briefly about the activities of the A.B.C.  We also provide the reception immediately following  the ceremony. 
    8th Grade Graduation Reception – On the last day of 8th grade  we provide a small reception for the 8th graders who will be leaving the Middle School and moving up to the High School in the fall.

    Scholarships – At the HS awards ceremony, the Academic Boosters Club usually awards three  $500 scholarships to the top three ranked qualified students  of the senior class, and up to ten $100 scholarships to the next ranked seniors who fulfill the criteria set forth in our scholarship protocols.  (The above number of scholarships and their amounts is dependent on the funds available.)  In order to qualify for one of our scholarships, a senior must have achieved an overall weighted GPA of 85% or above, and the student’s family must have been a paid member of the Academic Booster Club for at least three of their years in ALCS middle and/or high school.