• Scholarship Composite

    Some basic information about our process. The attachment above lists all of the scholarships we typically advertise each year. The dates posted in red are the actual due dates.  Other scholarships listed are ones that we typically receive information about each year.  We offer an approximate due date (month) to help students begin to plan ahead.  When we receive the new application, we will post the due date in red.

    Please Note:  ALCS cannot control the deadlines, details, criteria, etc. for any scholarship that we do not handle in house. Dates can change and criteria may or may not change from year to year. Please read the application carefully and make sure you manage the deadlines.  Do not wait until the last minute.

    Many scholarships require a school official signature or transcript, letters of recommendation, and/or other components that involve teachers, counselors and possibly the principal.  Students need to request documents 5 days before the deadline or we cannot guarantee the applications will get sent out based on the scholarship deadline from the company or agency.  Due dates will be posted as we receive them.  Mr. Malpiedi will update the lists, send notices out on Remind, or email students and parents.  Parents, if you are not receiving announcements, please email Mrs. Malpiedi at amalpiedi@alcsny.org.  Mrs. Robin Kozlowski, Guidance Secretary, can assist you with locating the applications in our office.

    Students should create accounts on fastweb.com and also on collegeboard.com to learn about scholarships nationally advertised.  The college that students will be attending will also have a scholarship page that students need to check and apply for scholarships they are eligible for.

    Students and parents who offered their emails or signed up for Remind notices, receive information about scholarships through updated posts or emails sent out regularly by Mr. Costa. These posts and emails will be updated as scholarships come to the Guidance Office.