• **New - Phone Policy -

    Students are now required to leave their phones in their locker or place them on the teacher's desk before class begins to help them focus. Any students caught using their phone during class time will be disciplined.




    Grading Policy  

    40% Tests & Projects 

    20% Homework & Class Assignments 

    20% Quizzes (Pop Quizzes are always an option!)

    10% Participation & Preparation (Organization of Notebooks, etc.) 

    10% Writing Pieces (Essay Assignments, Journals, etc.) 

    **Since most assignments are completed together in class, late work is unusual. Most work is still accepted late with a penalty of 10 points per business day. An absent student has time equivalent to the time missed to make-up the assignments.


    Some assessments may be re-taken. Listen for those unique opportunities!


    Classroom Rules  (Nothing new here!)

    Respect yourself & those around you. 

    Be on time for class. 

    Be prepared. 

    Follow directions the first time. 

    Be responsible & honest. 




    All ALCS rules will be followed and enforced in the classroom. Failure to comply with all rules will result in disciplinary measures as appropriate according to the discipline matrix. 

    Missing time from class for any reason is discouraged. Locker and restroom use, outside of emergencies, will only be permitted during the four minutes between classes or at the very beginning or end of class. Abuse of privileges (asking daily) will result in the loss of the privilege. 

    Absent? Each student is responsible for contacting Mrs. Billings to discuss what material was missed, and what actions must be taken to make up the work and class time missed. It may be necessary to stay after school for instruction. Use teacher websites for information and resources. Set up a time to see me if needed.  

    Homework will be updated on Teams and the class page through the school website, as necessary. Students are required to maintain a personal agenda for all assignments, both short and long-term.  

    Student laptops MUST be charged at home nightly! We use them every day and they must be charged and present. There are no excuses, and a phone is not a sufficient substitution. 

    Because we have laptops, no phones are necessary. All cellphones should be in locker or face down on desk. There is also a phone caddy on the wall for students who struggle with this rule. Your phone is your own responsibility and may not be used in class for any reason. 

    Students are responsible for being prepared for class daily. All materials should be brought to class each day. This preparation grade is part of the class average. 

    Class Materials: Agenda (Organization will be so important this year!)

    Laptop (charged) with earbuds or headphones 

    3-Ring Binder & Writing Paper

    Divider tabs

    3x3 Post-it Notes 

    Blue or Black Pen and/or pencil 


    Please use Teams, PowerSchool, the school website, or email me at hbillings@alcsny.org with questions. I am available between 7:30 AM and 3 PM each weekday or by appointment.  


    I look forward to a magnificent year! J