What are Mrs. Acosta's expectations when working in her room? 



    You are expected to be to our class on time so we can get started promptly.  

    Upon arrival, please go directly to your assigned seat. You may talk with a friend until all classmates are seated for class.  

    If you arrive late, please come in quietly so you do not disrupt what is already going on. 

    Pencils should be sharpened prior to the start of class.  

    What if your pencil breaks during class? Please wait until there is a break in my teaching before you get up to sharpen it  

    If you have questions during class...raise your hand and ask. I will work with you until you feel your question is answered.  

    Restrooms-please use prior to class. You may also request to go during any pauses in my teaching. Please sign in and out when using the restroom. I ask that you go quickly so that you do not miss excessive instructional time.   



    We do not have to agree with one another's opinion or point of view but we DO have to be respectful and listen politely as everyone shares theirs.   

    Use manners when speaking to teacher and peers. It is important that we maintain a respectful classroom where learning feels safe. "Please" and "Thank you" are appreciated..... I’ll speak to you the same way, I promise! 😊   

    If there is a conflict with a peer, we will work together to rectify the situation so that we can reestablish our peaceful/calm learning environment. We will not let problems linger on in our classroom, they will be addressed immediately and in a respectful manner.  

    If you want to leave some of your stuff in the room, leave it in your designated space. You are responsible for your own belongings  

    If you need help, ask! I will do anything I can to help you. If I do not know the answer, I will find it for you.   

    Need help with your locker? Need to talk about others being unkind to you? Need to share some really exciting news?..... come to me! I am here for you