3rd Grade Math

    This is a list of topics we will be covering this year.

    Underneath each topic is a link to a

    website parents can use for helpful resources with their child at home. 


    Module 1: Properties of Multiplication and Division (Facts 2-5, 10)

    Module 1 Resources

    Module 2: Place Value and Problem Solving

    Module 2 Resources

    Module 3: Multiplication and Division with Facts 0, 1, 6-9, and 10

    Module 3 Resources

    Module 4: Multiplication and Area

    Module 4 Resources

    Module 5: Fractions as Numbers on the Number Line 

    Module 5 Resources

    Module 6: Collecting and Displaying Data

    Module 6 Resources

    Module 7: Geometry and Measurement Word Problems 

    Module 7 Resources