• Math Homework in 3rd grade is very important and is reflective of what we do in the classroom. Daily homework will be assigned and should be returned to school the next day. There will be no assigned homework on Fridays unless your child needs to catch up on missing assignments.


    Weekly homework:

    Math Fact Sheets (Complete on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    Math Facts Practice: 5-10 minutes with flashcards (Complete on Mondays and Wednesdays)- no paper needs to be returned

    Homework should be done neatly and to the best of your child’s ability!



    Homework Grading Scale: 

    2 points= HW is complete and handed in on time

    1 point= HW is one day late, incomplete, or completed with little to no effort

    0 points= HW is missing or handed in more than 1 day late



     Grade Calculations:

    Students will earn numerical grades and standards-based grades. The following is a breakdown of how numerical grades are calculated:


    50% Assessments

    40% Classwork

    10% Homework