• Welcome to Mrs. Farleo's
    UPK Class!
    Dear Families,
    In this transition time of the new norm of homeschooling I am asking that if you have any questions or concerns to please feel free to email me or call the school and my extension.  I will be checking email constantly and my school voicemail a couple times throughout the day.
    Each Tuesday beginning on 3/24/2020 you will be picking up or receiving by bus a weekly packet of work for your child.  These packets will be filled with different activities for your child, based on our curriculum.  Please know that this is very new to us all, and normally we would not be doing this many worksheets.  A lot of our classroom work and learning is all hands on and we are using many different manipulatives daily.
    Different ways to help with hands on activities at home is to have your child buld towers, counting how many blocks in each tower, breaking the towers apart into differetn towers, adding one more and/or showing one less. Anything they can build with, Legos or big blocks, will be great.
    In our ELA modules we have been talking about habitats, Woodland, Pond, and Ocean habitats.  Ask your child what plants and animals they would find in each habitat, and then have them draw a picture of each one.
    Playdough is another very good hands on activity and will help with muscle growth.  Kids can help wash dishes, or even help make dinner.  I know some parents are not big on scissors, however if your child has them it would be beneficial for them to practice cutting.  You can draw straight line (even curved lines, zigzaps, shapes) on paper and have them cut on those lines.
    Practice printing their names, letters, numbers, and drawing shapes.  Point out letters that you see on different boxes, books, magazines.  And count with your child.  Count how many cars they may be playing with or how many goldfish crackers they have.
    Again if you have any questions or concerns during this time please don't hesitate to reach out.  I will do my best with the information that I have to hlep in any way possible.
    Finally, please let your child know that Mrs. Barber and myself are thinking of them and miss them like crazy!!

    Room 111
    (716) 375-6600 extension 4111