How do I log on to my school laptop?
       - You would use the same login that you use to log on to any school computer.
    Where do I charge my school laptop in school?
       -You can charge your school laptop during lunch time in the cafeteria.
    Where can I print from my laptop, when necessary?
       -You can print to one of the student printers when an assignment must be printed rather than submitted electronically.  Student printers will display on your laptop. 
    Printer 1 is in the cafeteria. 
    Printer 2 is in the library. 
    Printer 3 (for high school) is in the credit recovery room 221. 
    Printer 4 (for middle school) will be in the guidance office soon.
    Can the laptops connect to our home internet?
      - You should be able to connect to your home wireless network.  You will need to click on the lower right corner icon to select your home network.  You would also need to enter your home password if your home service is password protected.
    Will my wireless mouse work on the laptop at home?
      - Yes, your wireless mouse should work. 
    Why can't access a file on my laptop that I saved at school, when I am home?
      -  You can access those files you save onto the hard drive of the laptop.  Make sure you save a file you need at home to drive "C".  Once you are finished with that file, you should save it on your school network drive "H", and then delete it from "C".
    Can students access their gmail accounts on the laptops?
      - No.  We cannot open gmail to student use because of our security/filtering requirements.  Students will need to use their Lotus Notes accounts for school work.
    Can students change the screensaver and wallpaper on the laptops?
     -Yes.  We have changed the security settings so that you should be able to set/change these.  However, please be prudent in your choices, so there is nothing inappropriate on the laptop.
    Can we install home printers to our devices?
    - Yes.  If your printer does an auto update of drivers to your laptop while at home, you may add your printer drivers to the device.  We cannot install those from school, nor for any drivers where security must be turned off to do so.