• Constitution of the National Honor Society




    Introduction:The following version of the NHS Constitution was approved for all


    chapters on May 2,2008 by the NASSP Board of Directors. This is the most recent


    edition for use bychapters. Changes have also been approved for the NJHS Constitution.


    Chapter advisers areasked review this newly-revised document. An explanation of the


    procedural changecalled for in Article IX (Selection of Members) is provided in the


    September 2008edition of Leadership for Student Activities magazine and in the Adviser


    Zone. While otherchanges contained herein will have minimal impact on the policies and


    procedures of localchapters, advisers are asked to print out this latest edition and replace


    the copy found intheir NHS Handbook or in other local chapter records. Compliance


    deadline: June 30,2009. All chapters should be using the current edition of the national


    handbook, mostrecently published with copyright of 2005.






    Adapted September 28, 2012










































    Section 1. The nameof this organization shall be the National Honor Society of


    Secondary Schools(NHS) – Allegany-Limestone Chapter.




    Section 2. Thepurpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship,


    to stimulate a desireto render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in


    the students ofsecondary schools.




    Section 3. NHS is aprogram of the National Association of Secondary School Principals


    (NASSP), 1904Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1537, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit












    Section 1. Thecontrol of this organization shall be vested in the NASSP Board of






    Section 2. Thereshall be a National Council to advise the NASSP Board of Directors


    regarding NHS and itspolicies and procedures.




    Section 3. TheNational Council shall consist of eleven members appointed by the Board


    of Directors of theNational Association of Secondary School Principals, one


    representative chosenfrom each of the NASSP administrative regions, two at-large


    principals orassistant principals (from any region), and the NJHS Representative, a


    chapter adviser froma middle level school. Regional representatives shall alternate terms


    between principalsand advisers according to the schedule developed by the national


    office. The executivedirector of NASSP shall be an ex-officio member of the National


    Council. The NASSPdirector of student activities shall be an ex-officio member and


    shall serve assecretary of the National Council.




    Section 4. Membersshall be appointed for a term of no more than three years.




    Section 5. A simplemajority of members shall constitute a quorum of the National










    Section 1. Localchapters may choose to organize state associations.




    Section 2. Any stateassociation of National Honor Society chapters shall conform to this


    Constitution and shallwork with NASSP in furthering the purposes of this organization.




    Section 3. All stateassociations shall be affiliated with the National Honor Society.




    Section 4. The stateaffiliate shall not serve as an appeal board for local chapter nonselection


    or dismissal cases.




    Section 5. Bylaws ofthe state associations must be approved by NASSP and must be


    consistent with theNHS Constitution.








    Section 1. Anysecondary public school is eligible to apply for a charter for a local


    chapter. Nonpublicsecondary schools accredited or approved by state departments of


    education or byaccrediting agencies approved by NASSP are eligible to apply for a


    charter for a localchapter. Each school shall have its own chapter except in cases where a


    school's sizeprecludes the formation of a full Faculty Council. In such cases, a chapter


    can be shared as longas all other constitutional requirements can be met. A middle level


    unit in the samebuilding with a high school unit will be appropriate cause for two


    separate chapters(one for the National Junior Honor Society and one for the National


    Honor Society). [Seepage 28 of the 2005 NHS Handbook for clarification of this last


    provisionof Section 1.]




    Section 2. Eachchapter shall pay a chartering fee determined by the NASSP Board of


    Directors (Paid when created).




    Section 3. Eachschool with a chapter shall pay an annual affiliation fee approved by the


    NASSP Board ofDirectors. Needs to be submitted each spring forannual affiliation – currently $85. Formmust be printed out and submitted to Mrs. Pam Redden in the Business Office.




    Section 4. The annualindividual member dues paid to a chapter or state affiliate, if any,


    shall not exceedtwenty dollars inclusively. The exact amount shall be determined by the


    executive committeeof the chapter and shall be subject to the approval of the chapter


    membership.Chapter has repeatedly decided to raise monies in lieu of collectingdues.




    Section 5. Dulychartered local chapters shall conform to this Constitution as set forth by


    the NASSP Board ofDirectors. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the charter.








    Section 1. Theprincipal shall reserve the right to approve all activities and decisions of


    the chapter.




    Section 2. Theprincipal shall annually appoint a member of the faculty as chapter


    adviser, who mayserve consecutive terms. Mrs. Kathleen Zeznick is the current advisorreplacing Mr. Frank Martin who served from 2012-2012 and Mrs. Tammy Hollowellwho served from 2009-2012. Appointmentmemo will be placed in current documents – tab A.




    Section 3. Theprincipal shall annually appoint a Faculty Council composed of five


    members of theschool's faculty who may serve consecutive terms.




    Section 4. Theprincipal shall receive appeals in cases of non-selection of candidates, and


    the disciplining ordismissal of members.








    Section 1. Thechapter adviser shall be responsible for the direct, day-to-day supervision


    of the chapter andact as liaison between faculty, administration, students, and






    Section 2. Thechapter adviser shall maintain files on membership, chapter history,


    activities, andfinancial transactions. The chapter adviser shall send the annual report to


    the national office.




    Section 3. Thechapter adviser shall regularly review each member for compliance with


    Society standards andobligations.


    Section 4. Thechapter adviser shall help the chapter officers understand and carry out


    their duties.




    Section 5. Thechapter adviser shall be an ex-officio, non-voting, sixth member of the


    Faculty Council.




    Section 6. Thechapter adviser shall be a member of the faculty, appointed annually by


    the principal, andmay serve consecutive terms.








    Section 1. TheFaculty Council shall consist of five voting faculty members appointed


    annually by theprincipal. The chapter adviser shall be an ex-officio, non-voting, sixth


    member of the FacultyCouncil. No principal or assistant principal may be included on


    the Faculty Council.(See commentary on pages 14 and 15 of the 2005 NHS Handbook


    regardingthe functions of the Faculty Council.)




    Section 2. The termof the Faculty Council shall be one year. Members may be appointed


    to consecutive terms.




    Section 3. TheFaculty Council shall meet at least once a year to review the procedures of


    the chapter, selectmembers, and to consider non-selection, dismissal, other disciplinary


    actions, and warningcases.




    Section 4. TheFaculty Council will develop and revise, when necessary, all chapter


    procedures forselection, discipline, and dismissal of members, all of which must remain


    in compliance withthis Constitution and NHS policies.








    Section 1. Membershipin local chapters is an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection


    for membership is bya Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship,


    character,leadership, and service. Once selected, members have the responsibility to


    continue todemonstrate these qualities.




    Section 2. Membershipshall be known as active, honorary, and graduate. Active


    members shall becomegraduate members at graduation. Graduate members shall have no


    voice or vote inchapter affairs.




    Section 3. TheFaculty Council shall reserve the right to award honorary membership to


    school officials,principals, teachers, NHS advisers, adults, students with disabilities, or


    foreign exchangestudents in recognition of achievement and/or outstanding service


    rendered to theschool in keeping with the purposes of the National Honor Society.


    Honorary members shallhave no voice or vote in chapter affairs.




    Section 4. Candidatesbecome members when inducted at a special ceremony.


    Section 5. Memberswho are seniors in good standing are eligible to be nominated by


    their chapters tocompete in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program.




    Section 6. An NHSmember who transfers to another school and brings a letter from the


    principal or chapteradviser to the new school adviser shall be accepted automatically as a


    member in the newschool's chapter. Transfer members must meet the new chapter's


    standards within onesemester in order to retain membership.




    Section 7. Memberswho resign or are dismissed are never again eligible for membership


    or its benefits.








    Section 1. To beeligible for membership the candidate must be a member of those


    classes ( junior,senior) designated as eligible in the chapter bylaws. Candidates must have beenin attendance at the school the equivalent of one semester. 1




    Section 2. Thenational minimum standard for scholarship shall be a cumulative


    scholastic average ofat least 85 percent, B, or 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or the equivalent


    standard ofexcellence. Candidates shall then be evaluated on the basis of service,


    leadership, andcharacter. 2




    Section 3. Theselection of each member to the chapter shall be by a majority vote of the


    High School FacultyCouncil. Prior to notification of any candidates, the chapter adviser shallreview with the principal the results of the Faculty Council’s deliberations.




    Section 4. Adescription of the selection procedure shall be published in an official school


    publication that iswidely available in a timely fashion to all students and parents of the


    school. The selectionprocedure shall be determined by the Faculty Council and shall be consistentwith the rules and regulations of NHS.




    Section 5. NASSPshall not review the judgment of the Faculty Council regarding


    selection ofindividual members to local chapters.








    Section 1. TheFaculty Council, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the


    National HonorSociety, shall determine the procedure for dismissal. A written


    description of thedismissal procedure shall be available to interested parties. 3




    Section 2. Memberswho fall below the standards that were the basis for their selection


    shall be promptlywarned in writing by the chapter adviser and given a reasonable


    amount of time tocorrect the deficiency, except that in the case of flagrant violation of


    school rules or thelaw, a member does not have to be warned.




    Section 3. TheFaculty Council shall determine when an individual has exceeded a


    reasonable number ofwarnings.




    Section 4. In allcases of pending dismissal, a member shall have a right to a hearing


    before the FacultyCouncil. (Note: This hearing is required and is considered "due


    process"for all members –Ed.)




    Section 5. Forpurposes of dismissal, a majority vote of the Faculty Council is required.




    Section 6. A memberwho has been dismissed may appeal the decision of the Faculty


    Council to theprincipal and thereafter under the same rules for disciplinary appeals in the


    school district.




    Section 7. NASSPshall hear no appeals in dismissal cases.


    (Note: Refer toArticle VIII, Section 7 regarding the permanent consequences for


    memberswhen dismissed.)








    Section 1. Theofficers of the chapter, their duties, and the method of their election shall


    be determined by themembers of the chapter, approved by the Faculty Council and the


    principal, anddescribed in the chapter bylaws.




    Section 2. Newofficers shall be installed at a special ceremony.








    Section 1. Theexecutive committee shall consist of the officers of the chapter and the


    chapter adviser.




    Section 2. Theexecutive committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the


    chapter between itsbusiness meetings, make recommendations to the chapter, and


    determine and performsuch other duties as are specified in the chapter bylaws. All


    actions andrecommendations of the executive committee shall be subject to the review of


    the chaptermembership.




    Section 3. Theexecutive committee shall have the responsibility for ensuring that chapter


    activities andprocedures follow school policy and regulations.4








    Section 1. Eachchapter shall have regular meetings during the school year on days


    designated by theexecutive committee and in accordance with school policy and






    Section 2. Theregularity of the meetings (i.e., weekly, monthly, or bimonthly) shall be


    designated in thechapter bylaws.




    Section 3. Thechapter president or other designated student leader may call special


    meetings approved bythe executive committee.




    Section 4. Chaptersshall conduct meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order, Newly


    Revisedin all points not expressly provided for in this Constitution orthe chapter bylaws.








    Section 1. Eachchapter shall determine one or more service projects for each year.




    Section 2. Allmembers shall regularly participate in these projects.




    Section 3. Theseprojects shall have the following characteristics: Fulfill a need within


    the school orcommunity; have the support of the administration and the faculty; be


    appropriate andeducationally defensible; be well planned, organized, and executed.




    Section 4. Eachmember shall have the responsibility for choosing and participating in an


    individual serviceproject that reflects his or her particular talents and interests. This is in


    addition to thechapter projects to which all members contribute.




    Section 5. Eachchapter shall publicize its projects in a positive manner.








    Section 1. Thisorganization shall have an official emblem. The emblem shall be uniform


    and its distributionand rules for its use shall be determined by the NASSP Board of






    Section 2. Eachactive, graduate, or honorary member in good standing with the chapter


    shall be entitled towear this emblem.




    Section 3. Any memberwho resigns or is dismissed shall return the emblem to the


    chapter adviser.




    Section 4. Allinsignia must be procured from the national office of the National Honor


    Society, 1904Association Drive, Reston, VA, 20191. All insignia are registered with the


    United States Patentand Trademark Office and may not be copied by anyone without


    written permission ofthe NHS national office. (See also, Logo Usage Guidelines as


    found at www.nhs.us/logo.)




    Section 5. The mottoof the National Honor Society shall be Noblesse Oblige.




    Section 6. Theofficial colors of the National Honor Society shall be blue and gold.


    Section 7. A graduatemember may purchase a replacement for a lost emblem by


    verifying membershipto the national office.








    Section 1. Eachchapter shall write bylaws to amplify sections of this Constitution and to


    clarify operatingprocedures of the chapter. Bylaws do not need the approval of NASSP


    but must beconsistent with this Constitution.




    Section 2. Thechapter bylaws shall contain information concerning the election and


    duties of officers,the schedule of meetings, member obligations, dues, and the like.


    (Note: See the NHSHandbook and the “Adviser Zone” at www.nhs.us/bylaws for


    additionalinformation regarding the appropriate content of chapter bylaws.)








    This Constitution maybe amended by the NASSP Board of Directors based on input


    from the NASSP staffand the NHS & NJHS National Council.




    1. Article IX,Section 1. Some candidates may be ineligible for induction because of the


    semester ruling. Manystudents, including students of military parents, are required to


    move with parents orguardians that have transferred in their work. The present school


    NHS Constitution, Version 7.1.08 Page 7