Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus - Click on this link to find out about the endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and all the different things that are making it endangered.  Read carefully about why it is endangered.

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    Why would Mrs. Grainer want you to check out this website?  What did you learn about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus?  Is it real?  Look very closely at the pictures and the explanation about the tree octopus.



    This website is a good example of what a person can create with a lot of time on their hands.  Is it real?  NO, it is not.  But someone took a lot of time to create a believable looking website.  So, why do I want you to see and explore this website?  Because I want you to know that just because someone posts a website and puts in multiple pages, tabs, links, pictures and sounds believable, that does NOT mean that it is a real or believable site.  Check out who created the site.  Do they have credentials that can be verified?  See if there are other sites that discuss this same topic.  Are those sites believable and verifiable?


    There is at least one VERY fun tree octopus video on YouTube.  If you search "Tree Octopus Attack" on YouTube you will find this great video of a tree octopus attacking an innocent young man! This is what they would call a low-budget horror movie!  Another fun one is "Tracking the Tree Octopus."  There are many others on here, but these are two of the "best and funniest" in my opinion.


    Hoax-Slayer.net is a good place to go to verify if the website you are looking at or the e-mail you got is telling you correct information.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have anything on the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.  I think the site is too old.  It was created in 1998.  Hoax-slayer has much more current issues.


    Snopes is another site to verify information.  This is what it says about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus...



    So, check and double check things that you find on the Internet.  It is very easy to get fooled by someone who may want to get money from you, or just enjoys fooling people.