• Library of Congress - Primary Sources
    Primary Source Analysis Tool created by the Library of Congress - Click on this link to see the analysis tool that you will be using.  This tool allows you to look at a picture or document and analyze it closely.  There are no bad or wrong questions.  Any that you have are valid.  OBSERVE:  Write down what you see in the picture or on the document.  REFLECT:  What do you think about what you have seen?  What does it mean?    QUESTION:  What questions do you have after you originally look at the picture or document?  Can you find the answer if you go back and look more closely?  FURTHER INVESTIGATION:  These are questions that you cannot answer by going back and looking more closely at the picture or document.  You would need to research further using other sources.
    Click on this link to see a picture we would be analyzing together:  Election Day! 
    We would be using a copy of the Primary Source Analysis Tool to do this and fill it out together, but you can try it on your own.  What do you see?  What do you think it means?  What questions do you have?
    Click on one of the items below and analyze it using the Primary Source Analysis Tool.
    1.   Women's Rights:  The Rehearsal
    2.   Equality League of Self-Supporting Women to Governor of New York 
    3.   National Anti-Suffrage Association
    4.   The Sky Is Now Her Limit
    5.   Women's Rights National Historical Park


    Using this Primary Source Analysis Tool gives you a chance to really look closely at what you see in a picture or a short document.  What else can you use it to evaluate?