• Yearbook/Newspaper

    Course Description:

    This course produces the Allegany-Limestone High School Yearbook. In this course, students will gain skills and be responsible in the following areas: Page Design, Publishing Techniques, Copy Writing, Editing, Photography, Record Keeping, Time Management, Teamwork, Marketing, and Leadership skills. Students are responsible for producing a timeless, creative, and innovative publication which records our school’s community, memories and events during and after school under the guidance of the Advisor.

    Class Expectations:

    *** Students are expected to attend at least four extra- curricular activities to take images. If a group of students go together, you are responsible for taking your own images (4 students can’t go to a game and all hand in the same images.) If you are signed up for an event you are expected to attend or you will receive a ZERO.. (I didn’t know I had to work is not a excuse.) Students will also be required to take pictures during the school day. (According to your schedule). Students will also be required to interview students, staff, and faculty for writeups that will be published in the yearbook. Cell phones are to be put away during yearbook class time (unless it is permitted by the teacher). **Otherwise, please note that your cell phone will need to go to a location where you will not be able to access it until Yearbook class is over. ** If you refuse to stay off your after 2 warnings you will be written up. Students need to understand that we have deadlines to meet. Completing spreads with integrity is essential to a successful yearbook.


    • All finished work will be based on stated criteria for each project.
    • Students will receive a daily recorded participation grade. If you are going to sit in class and not do anything, you will receive a zero for that day.
    • Students will receive continuous feedback on assignments. It may need to edit a spread more than once until it is acceptable for submission.


    Attendance will be taken and recorded daily. See code of conduct pg. 10-12.

    Classroom Management:

    Respect yourself, others, our space and our materials.

    Students are expected to respect the personal space of others. Students are also expected to respect the studio space provided for them by properly cleaning up after themselves and returning materials to the correct location (if you don’t know). WE will not tolerate negative self-talk or negative talk and language towards others. PERIOD!!

    Respect the Materials:

    Students are expected to treat the materials provided for them with care. This means students are expected to return and care for materials and to replace them where they are found. (Charged battery, return memory card, etc)

    Respect each other: Students are expected to be punctual, ( Five or more tardy's lowers your grade 5 pts.)

    Students are expected to be supportive. And have to be respectful so that we can all work in a positive work environment. According to but not limited to the CODE OF CONDUCT, any inappropriate behavior is not permitted.