• PreK Curriculum 

    For Pre-K, we follow the Common Core Curriculum for both Math and our ELA.  Both sets of modules have several different components to them.  Along with our Common Core, we also focus in PreK on letters, and their sounds.  Of course, we are not limited to those things either. We love to play in PreK and many of our working centers are all hands-on fine motor centers that allow the kids to not only learn but to improve their fine motor and hand eye coordination.  We have big block centers, we maintain and cook in our kitchen center, imagination stations are always a great time when we dress up as construction workers and a princess; and finally, we have lots of books and puzzles.  

    Common Core Math has 5 domain areas. They are as follows: they can also be found on the provided link- https://nysed-prod.engageny.org/

    Grade Prekindergarten Module 1:  Counting to 5

    Grade Prekindergarten Module 2: Shapes

    Grade Prekindergarten Module 3: Counting to 10

    Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity, and Numbers to 5 Addition and Subtraction Stories and Counting to 20 

    Common Core ELA also has 5 domain areas, as well as content containing Classic Tales, and Important People that is done throughout the year as well. The following is a link for quick access to that-https://nysed-prod.engageny.org/resource/prekindergarten-english-language-arts

    Domain 1- All About Me

    Domain 2-Family

    Domain 3- Animals

    Domain 4-Plants

    Domain 5- Habitats