• As an AmeriCorps Member, I coordinate at least one community service project a month that addresses the needs of community agencies and community resources.  We do this to assist organizations that do not have sufficient people power or the involvement of community members to address the needs of the agency or the community. Then I promote the projects and recruit volunteers from the agency they work within and the community through advertisements and other various recruitment activities.  In order to be successful, I recruit as many volunteers as I can. 
    I think it is important for everyone to volunteer a small portion of their time to a worthy cause, because it helps to enrich the volunteer's life and it helps someone, something, or someplace out.  There are hundreds of reasons why a person should volunteer, but here are a few:  to met new people, to learn a new skill, to test out a new career, it looks good on a job application, colleges like to see that potential students donate their time, to help make a difference for someone else, and because it's fun.  The list goes on and on!  I have discovered that volunteering is twofold-the individual who volunteers gains something (a new friend, a new skill, etc.) and the recipient gains something as well.  That isn't such a bad thing! 
    Please consider spending time with us during our community service projects, because together we can make a positive change in our community!