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    Beginning Monday, January 3, 2021 - GRADING POLICY CHANGE

    In order to maintain consistency in our expectations for high school students, the following will occur:

    • Assignment due dates are FIRM (located in Assignments or Announcements of TEAMS)
    • An assignment handed in ONE DAY LATE will incur a 20% point reduction
    • Assignments turned in any later will not be accepted

    To assist students in this expectation,

    • Assignments will be modeled and given during class. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify material during this time.
    • Students may schedule additional help with the teacher if absent or if a need arises at a mutually agreed upon time during or after school.

    It is the students' responsibility:

    • To be on task, working toward completion of their assignments during the class period it is assigned
    • To be aware of assignments and assignment due dates by checking teams daily
    • Seek assistance when needed
    • Make up assignments/ seek assistance immediately upon return from an absence

    *Assignments are essential practice for applying information that is learned in class, and completing the work immediately upon learning the material is important for retention, checking understanding and clarifying potential misunderstandings.  Completing work in a timely manner is essential for the learning process.