• Classroom Community Expectations

    Learning a new language is an exciting time!  Students are being introduced to new vocabulary, new cultures, and a brand new way of speaking and listening.  Yet, for many students, this new experience can be a bit scary because they may feel they are stepping outside of their comfort zone.  Students will be trying to pronounce unfamiliar words, and they will be trying to interpret what they hear in a new language.  For this reason, it is important that our classroom have an atmosphere of trust and respesct, so students feel comfortable participating in practice activities.  I expect that all students are willing to try their best.  I do not expect perfection, just their best effort, always.  The more they are willing to try, the more they are going to learn and grow.  In order to meet these expectations, the following are the classroom community expectations: 

    1. Always give your best effort

    2. Be respectful of others:

      • use respectful language in classroom & encourage the success of classmates

    3. Arrive to class on time

    4. Phones must be put away during class (in locker or in phone rack) – If a phone is out, it will be taken for the day and student can pick it up at the end of the school day.

    5. Be prepared with your materials each day – computers need to be charged.

    6. Pay attention and listen to the speaker(s).

    7. NO energy drinks – water/water bottles are fine. You will be asked to dump them if brought into class.

    8. It is the responsibility of the student to monitor grades, assignments, and missing assignments in Powerschool weekly. Students can work with the office or Student Services to get their student id for this web-based grading program.

    3 Strikes – “You’re Out” Policy:

    • If necessary, students will get a “strike” for not meeting the classroom expectations outlined above. If a student receives “3 strikes” within 1 week (Monday-Friday), they will be written up for detention to stay after school with me. 

    Prácticas Challenge:

    1. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in weekly “Prácticas” to earn “boletos” (tickets). This year it will be setup differently:
      • In Teams, I will post different “Prácticas” (practice assignments) that students can complete throughout the week for reinforcement of learning (2-3 assignments) -  Prácticas” will be optional for students but encouraged and recognized.
      • Students will be expected to earn 80% or above on these “Prácticas” which is very reasonable because they can use their notes to complete the work.
      • Once students have completed their “Prácticas,they will be rewarded for their extra efforts and going “above and beyond” and can enter a “boleto” (ticket) for a drawing where they can win different items 😊.

    Assignments & Late Policy

    • All course work (including, but not limited to: assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects) must be submitted no later than the due date unless prior arrangements are made with the teacher and a new due date is established (this new due date will be put in writing by teacher if an extension is made).
    • If a student submits coursework after the due date without having made arrangements with the teacher, a minimum of 10 points/day will be deducted from grade.
    • Assignments handed in more than 5 school days late will only earn a maximum of 50%
    • If an assignment is late due to a legal absence, it will be accepted up to 5 school days after the due date (unless student is out for an extended amount of time – then we will work together to determine a fair date to submit work).

    * Please note - Powerschool:

      • a zero with an “incomplete” - will be put into the gradebook until the assignment has been turned in to the teacher (this grade is to help remind student that assignment is still due and can still be handed in for a grade).
      • a zero with a “missing” - will be put into the gradebook if the assignment is more than 5 school days late (and prior arrangements had not been made) indicating the student received a zero for a grade on the assignment and it is too late to make up

    The use of translation services and / or devices to create or translate phrases, sentences, or portions of a task will be considered cheating.