• Classroom Community Expectations

    Learning a new language is an exciting time!  Students are being introduced to new vocabulary, new cultures, and a brand new way of speaking and listening.  Yet, for many students, this new experience can be a bit scary because they may feel they are stepping outside of their comfort zone.  Students will be trying to pronounce unfamiliar words, and they will be trying to interpret what they hear in a new language.  For this reason, it is important that our classroom have an atmosphere of trust and respesct, so students feel comfortble participating in practice activities.  I expect that all students are willing to try their best.  I do not expect perfection, just their best effort, always.  The more they are willing to try, the more they are going to learn and grow.  In order to meet these expectations, the following are the classroom community expectations: 

    1. Arrive to class on time

    2. Phones must be put away during class.

    3. Be prepared with your materials each day.

    4. Take good notes... they will help you with homework & assessments.

    5. Pay attention and listen to the speaker(s).

    6. Be respectful of others.

    7. Always give your best effort