Referral Process

    A student suspected of having a disability shall be referred in writing to the Director of Special Education

    A referral may be submitted by the following:

    Parent/Guardian of student

    Professional staff member of the school district

    Licensed physician

    Commissioner or designee of a public agency with responsibility for education of the student

    Student (self), who is over 18 years of age or older, or an emancipated minor, who is eligible to attend the public school of the district

    A referral submitted by persons other than the parent; professional staff member of the school district, shall:
    • state the reasons for the referral and include any test results, records or reports upon which the referral is based that may be in the possession of the person submitting the referral;

    • describe in writing, intervention services, programs or instructional methodologies used to remediate the student's performance prior to referral, including any supplementary aids or support services provided for this purpose, or state the reasons why no such attempts were made;


    Upon receipt of a request for a referral, that meets the requirements, the Committee on Special Education will, within 10 school days, either:

    • request parent consent to initiate the evaluation; or

    • provide the parent with a copy of such request for referral; and

    • inform the parent of his or her right to refer the student for an initial evaluation for special education programs and/or services; and

    • offer the parent the opportunity to meet to discuss the request for referral and, as appropriate, the availability of appropriate general education support services for the student, with the building administrator or other designee of the school district authorized to make a referral. 


    Initial Evaluation
    The initial evaluation process will be completed within 60 days of receiving parental consent for the requested evaluation

    This evaluation will include:

    • Psychological evaluation to assess cognitive ability, learning strengths/weaknesses, social interactions, and relationships. 

    • Observation of student in his/her classroom

    • Other evaluations related to communication skills and fine and gross motor skills when specifically needed.


    Professionals in the evaluation of the student to determine his/her strengths and weaknesses, include but are not limited to:

    • School Psychologist,

    • School Nurse,

    • Service Providers (Speech/Language, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, etc.), Guidance Counselors, School Adminstrators 

    Scheduled Meeting

    The committee meets after a referral has been made and evaluations have been completed to review the information and determine if the student has a disability. 
    You will be notified by phone and mail of the date, time and location of the meeting.  The letter will also inform you as to who is expected to attend the meeting.