Section 504 is a federal law designed to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disability and to ensure that the individual needs of a students with disabilities are met to the same extent as the needs of students without disabilities. A student may be referred to the Section 504 Committee to determine whether the student is eligible for Section 504 accommodations. A student may be deemed eligible if he/she has a mental or physical impairment or psychological disorder that substantially limits a major life activity or major bodily function. If the Section 504 Committee determines that the student meets the eligibility criteria, the 504 Committee will develop a Section 504 Accommodation Plan.
    Section 504 provides parents and persons in parental relationship with the following procedural safeguards:
       • The right to examine your child’s educational records;
       • The right to an evaluation that draws on information from a variety of sources;
       • The right to be informed of any proposed actions related to eligibility, re-evaluation, and/or plan for services;
       • The right to periodic re-evaluations prior to any significant change in program or service modifications;
       • The right to file a grievance with the District’s Section 504 compliance officer over an alleged violation of Section 504 regulations;
       • The right to an impartial hearing if meetings with the Section 504 compliance officer do not resolve the issue and you are still in disagreement with the school’s proposed action. This request must be made in writing to the District’s Section 504 compliance officer;
       • The right to be represented by counsel in the impartial hearing process;
       • The right to appeal the impartial hearing officer’s decision;
       • The right to file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for alleged violations of Section 504; and 
       • The right to a manifestation determination before a child may be subjected to a disciplinary change in placement (i.e., suspension of more than 10 days) for violation of the District's Code of Conduct.
    Provided to parents/persons in parental relationship:
       • with Notice of Referral and Consent Form
       • with Notice of Consent for Reevaluation
    November 2010