•              Preschooler                                                            

    The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is responsible for students who are between the ages of 3-5. 

    This committee is a multidisciplinary team that is approved by the Board of Education and the team consists of the following people/staff:

    • District representative who is knowledgeable about the general education curriculum and the availability of preschool special education programs and services and other resources of the school district and the municipality.
    • Regular education teacher of the child whenever he/she is or may be participating in the regular education environment.
    • Special education teacher, or if appropriate, special education provider of the student
    • Individual who can interpret the instructional implications of evaluation results
    • Additional parent member of a child with a disability residing in the school district whose child is enrolled in a preschool or elementary level education program; if the parent requests the parent member be present
    • Any other person(s) having knowledge or special expertise regarding the child as requested by the parent.
    • A representative of the municipality of the preschool child's residence
    • For a child in transition from early intervention programs and services, the appropriate professional designated by the agency that has been charged with the responsibility for the preschool child
    • Parent(s) of the preschool child

    ** It is important that the parent(s) be at the student's meetings.  The parents are the key to helping this whole process be successful and we encourage you to be a part of it all. 

    The committee meets after a referral has been made and a multidisciplinary evaluation has been completed to review the information and determine if the child is eligible for classification as a Preschool Student with a Disability. 

    If the child is determined classified the committee develops an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and places the student in the least restrictive environment.  The committee will meet at least once a year to review the student's programs and services and again just before the student turns age 5 to determine whether the child will be transitioning to the Committee on Special Education (CSE).